Poet’s Vacation

Poet fans have no doubt noticed there have been no updates in over a month. To make a long story short, I’m burned out on Poet. I have too many other projects, too many changes happening in my life, and have done the same strip for too long without a break. Creating Poet has become a chore, never a pleasure, which is bad news for any art project. But I suppose I have no previous experience running an art project into the ground over the course of six years.

I will be drawing up to number 232 and then taking an extended break. Minimum six months, possibly a year if I decide I need it. I am not retiring the strip, but need time away to rethink where I am going with it, reconfigure the process by which it is created, and maybe find a way to finally get some kind of financial return on it. Maybe most of all, I just want to remember what it’s like to have my Sundays free.

Currently the site holds up to No. 222, so I will be coloring the remaining ten and posting them one-by-one in the coming weeks. I will also make any announcements about my other projects in this space for those of you who think I’m special or something.

I maintain that I am just a very foolish man.

6 Responses to “Poet’s Vacation”

  1. neant says:

    i understand that this could happen working on the same thing over and over. i hope you have an inspiring break, i love poet!

  2. heather says:

    This is kindof a depressing post. Good luck with your break – I have enjoyed Poet a great deal.

  3. Jordan says:

    It was a great run, and I look forward to Poet’s return. Good luck with everything else, I’ll keep reading it.

  4. Andrew says:

    Understandable. I noticed it wasn’t updated but I kept coming back each day to check. Just want to say thanks for all the hard work. Wonderful comic, funny, entertaining and thoughtful. I have enjoy every strip!

  5. Katie says:

    This kind of thing can happen to projects. I look forward to seeing more Poet, and look forward to new projects of yours.

  6. Darky says:


    … so it’s been more than a year now. How’s that break going? 😀

    Your Loyal Readers.

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