The Invisible Life of Poet

The Invisible Life of Poet is a full-page comic strip by me, Christopher Stetson Wilson. It ran from 2002 until 2008 in a dozen alternative weeklies including the Dayton CityPaper, Duluth Reader Weekly, and Anchorage Free Press. It also made a single appearance in AdBusters magazine (#176 Speaking of Trademarks). It follows the adolescent life of best friends Poet and Ben and covers subjects including adolescence, sex, self-image, bullying, depression, media, politics, religion, philosophy, and more. I retired the strip in 2008 as I felt the strip had said what it needed to say, and I had other projects to focus on. Currently, a master collection of the comic is slowly in the works, and there is still the possibility of making more in the future.

Presently, most of the strips are archived on this site. You can read them using the links below.

See a selection of my favorites, or
Start reading from the beginning.


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